Friday, June 20, 2014

a chapter of mylife 10.0

Salam alayk

Do you tired? Please follow this...take a rest

Inhaled 4x
Keep your breath 4x
Exhaled 4x

Sollu ala Nabi S.A.W

Sometimes, we angry, sad, dissappointed because we faced something-no-one-faced the problems. The problem we thougth are heavy like a big huge rock mountain fell down to our body.

That's time we felt lonely. No one understand us. Our minds(truely the devil) keep whispering bad2 things for us to do.

But alhamdulillah. We are muslim. :)

When we sad..we have Allah..He always with us. Everytime..minutes...second..even on blinking of our eyes. Pray a lot. Read the Quran

In sha Allah kheir.

And after the problem are solved. Now we realized. Allah has put me for the rigth time to face it. Make us more stronger person. More thankful. More appreaciate for being a slave of Allah. More matured.


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Katherine Thayer said...

Always pray... Whatever your religion is. Prayer is the Ultimate Weapon